New Jersey Divorce Lawyers

Our team of tough, smart New Jersey divorce lawyers offer total representation in any court in New Jersey.  Unlike some law firms that can only help you in one or two courts, our lawyers can help you in all 21 County Courts in New Jersey (in addition to NY and PA).  We can handle any all related issues such as child support, child custody, post-judgment motions, separation issues, alimony modifications and other related issues.  What also helps set us apart is that we can also represent you with regard to any other matters related to your divorce case such as DYFS (DCPP) cases and investigations, domestic violence charges, restraining orders, DWI tickets and criminal charges.  Thus, there is no need to hire multiple law firms.  We have a great track record with all of these matters.  That’s why we say our lawyers offer total representation.

The name of this blog is “Divorce Different” because that’s what we do here.  We don’t charge $5,000 for every single divorce case like most of our competition does.  We don’t put connections and friendships over your best interest.  We don’t look to drag out the case just to pump up the retainer.  We fight to get you the best possible result for the best possible price.  Why?  Because we will represent you as if we were representing ourselves.  Several of us in our office have been in the same position you find yourself in right now.  From a business perspective, you are a gateway to an endless number of referrals.  The vast majority of our clients come back to us for all of their legal needs and they refer their friends and family to us.  If you feel ripped off, you won’t refer anyone to us. That’s how we have been able to grow to one of the only statewide divorce firms in New Jersey.

Consultations with our lawyers are always free.  Call us 24/7 to discuss your case and how we can help you divorce different!

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