Does your attorney communicate with the other side?

I have a number of cases where I have to practically beg and plead for the other attorney to call me back so we can try to work out the case. However, no matter how many calls I make or faxes I send, I do not receive a response. Why? My guess it that these attorneys know that I am attempting to settle the case with little expense to my client and that they would rather drag it out. There is no real explanation behind it.

In these situations, I often wonder if the attorney’s client knows that this is occurring. I seriously doubt it. Find me a client that demands that their attorney ignore the other attorney in an attempt to prolong the case and waste more money. However, I do have to blame the client though. If you are going through a divorce, you should make sure that your attorney is constantly working towards a resolution. Since almost every case resolves in a settlement, this means that settlement discussions should occur as soon as possible.

Questions to ask your attorney:

-What needs to be done before we can have meaningful settlement discussions?

-Are there any issues we can resolve now or should we try to settle everything at once?

-Has the other side contacted you to resolve any issue or discuss settlement?

-Have you contacted them?

-Have they responded?

-If they are not responding, have you made numerous attempts?

Without asking these questions, it may be impossible for you to know if your attorney is making any attempt to settle the case. Remember that the attorney works for you and this is your case. You should be the one to direct what happens and when.

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