The Answer to a New Jersey Divorce Complaint

When a Defendant has been served with a divorce complaint in New Jersey, he or she must respond within 35 days or risk a default judgment.  The Defendant has three primary options to respond to a divorce complaint:  Answer, Appearance and Counterclaim.  Furthermore, the Counterclaim contains an Answer.

All three options serve the same basic purpose:  the court and the Plaintiff are put on notice that the Defendant contests the cause of action and/or the relief sought.  Even in a no-fault divorce, the Defendant still denies the allegations even though this will never be contested.

The bottom line is, this is all very procedural and I wouldn’t get too hung up on it.  Your New Jersey divorce lawyer will handle the Answer/Counterclaim to the divorce complaint and everything else for you and guide you in the right direction.

If you are thinking about getting divorced in New Jersey, call the lawyers that will help you divorce different.  With 10 offices in New Jersey, our divorce lawyers are easy to reach from anywhere in New Jersey.  Our Hudson County divorce lawyers can also represent you in any New Jersey court.  Call us today to discuss your case.

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