The New Jersey Divorce Complaint

In New Jersey, the filing of a complaint for divorce (simply called the divorce complaint or even just the complaint) starts the divorce case.  Your attorney will draft the complaint for you and file it with the court.

The complaint is filed in the county in which the plaintiff lived when the cause of action arose, or if the plaintiff was not then living in New Jersey, the county in which the defendant was living when the cause of action arose. If neither party was living in New Jersey when the cause of action arose, then the complaint shall be filed in the county where the plaintiff presently resides, or in the county where the defendant is living if the plaintiff no longer lives in the State.  If  this is confusing, don’t worry.  Your attorney knows what to do.

Since your attorney will draft the complaint, you don’t have to worry about to say in the complaint.  As an FYI, it will include the cause of action and the facts that support same, the addresses of the parties, the address, date of birth, and information as to where and with whom the child resides.

Most importantly, the  complaint will list the relief sought such as custody, support, equitable distribution, etc.  Again, your attorney will list this out for you.  You also don’t have to worry about anything negative that will upset your spouse if you are filing for a no-fault divorce (see the no-fault divorce article).

In New Jersey, a filing fee is required at the time of filing of the complaint for divorce with the court. If there are children, then each party has to also have to pay a fee to attend a one day parenting education seminar.

If you are thinking about getting divorced in New Jersey, call the aggressive Bergen County Divorce Lawyers that will help you divorce different.  With 10 offices in New Jersey, our divorce lawyers are easy to reach from anywhere in New Jersey.  Our divorce lawyers can also represent you in any New Jersey court.  Call us today to discuss your case.

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