The Case Information Statement

The Case Information Statement in a nj divorce case is also known as a CIS. It is the most critical document in a divorce case. New Jersey Court Rule 5:5-2 requires that both parties file a CIS’ in just about  every divorce case (unless it is not contested or it does not involve any issues as to custody, support, alimony or equitable distribution).

The CIS identifies all assets and liabilities of the party in addition to all income and all expenses under the broad categories of shelter, transportation and personal expenses.  In other words, a full and complete financial  picture of each party is shown to everyone involved in the case. This allows the attorneys and the Court to identify the assets and liabilities that may be at issue in the case.

If done correctly, it should probably take several hours (if not days) to fill out.  Each party must file a CIS within 20 days after the filing of the answer or appearance.  The parties’ tax returns, their last three pay stubs, their pension statements, and their mutual fund and stock statements must be attached as exhibits to the CIS. This allows anyone

A CIS can be very complicated to fill out and it should be done with the assistance of a New Jersey divorce attorney.

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