Keep your emotions in check to keep legal fees down

 Money hungry attorney love nothing more than an emotional divorce client with money. This is because when we are emotional, we do not think like normal, rationale people. Instead of worrying about what is best for your post-divorce life and/or what is best for your children, the fight between you and your spouse becomes paramount. As a result, you have your attorney fighting anything and everything.

For example, after a rather drawn out divorce case, I was walking into the court room to put through a settlement when the other attorney mentioned that she wanted my client to pay an additional $500 for something. This completely set off my client and he wanted to blow up the entire settlement. I had to talk him off the ledge so to speak to save the settlement because he was so furious. I told him that I refused to let him pay me thousands to fight over hundreds. That was about five years ago. Today, he still uses my firm.

I tell my clients that a divorce is like the dissolution of a business, especially when there is no issue with child custody. Thus, you have to decide what issues are truly important so that you can determine how you will spend your money and energy. Always remember that the more you fight, the more you pay. Don’t get me wrong, fighting is not a bad thing when the issue is truly important. But fighting over every little thing will send your legal fees through the roof. Thus, at the end of the case, what have you really won?

I advise my clients that it doesn’t matter that their spouse will get a little more. You don’t have to “win” or get back at them. The goal in a divorce case is to divide assets and liabilities in a fair way that allows you to start your new life in the best possible situation. If you spend a fortune on an attorney to fight over nonsense, then you will have less to start your post-divorce life with. Don’t get me wrong, there may be plenty of issues where you will have to spend a small fortune to get what you want. Whats important is that you make a truly rationale decision that the issue in dispute is worth your money and energy. Of course, it helps to have an attorney that will put your best interests over his or her financial interests.

If you are thinking about divorce in New Jersey and you are ready to divorce different, call me today.  I can represent you in any court in New Jersey including Ocean County, Monmouth County and Middlesex County.

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