The Cost of a New Jersey Divorce

When it comes to divorce, there is one question that everyone asks no matter what their situation is.  How much will my divorce cost?  In other words, how much will your final bill be?  It is a question that is impossible to answer.

Many people get concerned due to the horror stories that they have heard from friends and family about how they spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees associated with their New Jersey divorce case.  In my opinion, it is unethical to give any type of estimate since there is no way that I can predict the future as to what you will do and what your spouse and his/her lawyer will do.  There are just too many variables.

If you believe that you need a lawyer for your divorce, then you cannot escape some legal fees.  I tell my clients several things to give them a few ideas about what the final bill may look like.  First, our goal is to get the best possible result for the best possible price.  I think this only makes sense because if you spend $30,000 to fight over something that is worth $10,000, you are out $20,000.  That was not a great result in the end was it?

I also explain that we are looking to set up life-long relationships with our clients.  We want to be the go-to lawyers for all of your legal needs for you and your family.  We can’t exactly do this if you feel that your bill was artificially inflated.  Thus, we have a long-term financial interest in keeping your bill reasonable.

Furthermore, I teach my clients how to save money.  Some of those tips are on this blog.  Who else does this?  Not too many lawyers that I know.  Finally, I explain that a majority of my divorce cases settle for less than what another lawyer may take as an initial retainer.

In the end, while I cannot guarantee a final cost, I can assure them that my office will do whatever it takes to make sure that at the end of the case, they will feel that my representation was not only worth the money, but that the cost was reasonable.  Call our aggressive Somerset County Divorce Lawyers today to discuss your case.

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