Your spouse cannot leave you with all of the bills

A few days ago, a client told me about her concern that her husband would move out of the house and leave her with all of the bills if she filed for divorce.  She was very happy to hear that, in general, your spouse cannot abandon you and have you pay all of the bills.  Of course, every case is different and only a divorce attorney can explain how this would work in your situation.

Keep in mind that your spouse is free to move out at any time.  Whether or not you should move out should only be determined after speaking with a divorce attorney as you could really set yourself up for disaster.  Your spouse has a duty to maintain the status quo.  Thus, if your spouse paid for all or part of the bills, he or she cannot force you to pay them or refuse to pay them and have the house go into foreclosure, utilities be turned off, etc.  If your spouse did not contribute anything, it may be difficult to force him or her to start now, especially if they have no money.  Again, I am speaking in general terms so please see a lawyer before doing anything.

A letter fom a lawyer should get the job done.  However, if that fails or if there is an emergency, your lawyer will file a motion with the court.

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