Hiring a divorce lawyer does not mean that the case must be difficult and expensive

I’ve met many people that are concerned that if they hire an attorney, they must enter into complex, difficult, expensive and lengthy litigation that will start off with accusing their spouse of every horrible thing imaginable. This cannot be farther from the truth.

A good divorce attorney can work to resolve your case quickly and without great expense to either you or your spouse.  Hopefully, this blog has made that rather clear which is its purpose.  As the client, you are the boss and you should be able to direct your divorce lawyer as to what you want him or her to do.  So, if you want your divorce lawyer to be a bull dog, he or she will do that.  If you want your lawyer to act as a type of mediator, he or she should do that as well.

The problem is when the lawyer doesn’t want to listen to you.  This is rather common. Thus, when selecting a good divorce lawyer, you need to make sure that the lawyer will work for you and not against you.  I tell my clients that right up front so they don’t have to ask.

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