Taking divorce advice from your spouse may be a bad idea

This may sound crazy to some people, but I have had clients tell me that they are taking divorce from their soon to be ex-spouse.  Most of the time, this advice involves whether or not either of them should hire an attorney.  I sometimes feel like a broken record but I see too many people that went to court without a good divorce lawyer only to suffer the consequences for many years.  To save a few thousand dollars now, some will spend tens of thousands years later as a result of the mistakes that were made and/or to correct the mistakes that were made.

After you get divorced, you have to be your own person so I think you should start now.  If your spouse wants to go at it alone, let him or her but don’t follow that advice.  Why does your spouse really care about what you do with your money?  Chances are, your spouse may not want to take advantage of you by getting you to sign a settlement agreement that forces you to give up important rights and a lot of money.  I’ve seen it plenty of times.  Don’t make that mistake.

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