Do you need a litigator or an agitator?

I know a divorce attorney that many people refer to as a “bulldog”.  The alleged reputation is that this is attorney is tough and will fight for his/her clients.  Based upon my experience with this attorney, this dog is all bark and no bite.  I’ve gone up against him/her and won and it was hardly a challenge.  He/She caved quite quickly.  So why the reputation?  My guess is that it is all about attitude because the attorney talks a good game and is loud and quite obnoxious.  There are other attorneys that have similar traits and I call them agitators.  Regardless of whether or not they have any skill, they don’t seem to use it all the time.  Instead, its all about being loud and causing problems. Some people want their attorney to be a big pain in the ass so they fill a market for a hard-charging attorney.

However, what people don’t realize is that this type of attorney can cause more problems than they solve which can cost you a ton of money.  In my opinion, a true litigator knows that for all of his or her trial skill, quite often, what gets the job done is knowing what to say and how to say it.  Sometimes this is the screaming and yelling that is seen in the movies and on TV but most of the time, it is skilled diplomacy.  As the old saying goes, “you catch more flies with honey”.  So, your attorney can be aggressive and fight for you without upsetting the world in the process.   This is what I do because, in my opinion, I can get better results for less cost to my clients.

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  1. My boyfriend’s attorney,Jim Rosenberg say’s,you have to be a ‘nice’ guy about it.Yea,right Jim,is this why this fucking divorce has now been in your office for 2 years now.This is where being nice has gotten ‘you’…..>$54,000.00 now that would be nice to have in our pocket NOT yours!!!!Scumbag!!!Be nice with your MAMA’s “NOT” the ex & her attorney!(sissy)

    • I don’t know that attorney, but there reaches a point where being nice just doesn’t get the job done. Like just about everything, there needs to be a balance. If you are always a bulldog, everyone will hate you and you will get nothing done. If you are always nice, everyone will walk all over you and no one will fear you. If you can balance the two, you will get great results for your clients.

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