Look for an attorney that discusses ways to save money

The other attorney in one of my new divorce cases really made me  laugh.  My client has little assets, a ton of liabilities and a business that has been getting hit hard in this economy.  However, it seems like the other side has convinced this attorney that my client has a ton of money.  As a result, he charged a huge retainer and has already done a ton of work on the case before my client even had a chance to file an Answer.  Besides a ton of unnecessary information in the Complaint itself, he filed a motion and sent out a ton of subpoenas right away.  Of course, he made no attempt to try to resolve this case with my client.  There was also no reason why he couldn’t wait until the normal discovery process got under way to get the documents he requested.

I’ve dealt with this guy before and in my opinion, this is the typical situation where the attorney took a big retainer is attempting to blow through it as soon as possible so he can get more.  As soon as the money runs out, I am sure the attorney will pack up shop and head out.  If he does stay on the case and continues to run up a bill, he’ll probably sue his client to get the money.  Its really sad because it gives the rest of us a bad name.

If you really want to buy your attorney a new fancy car, go ahead and find one of these attorneys.  If you want to save money, look for an attorney that gives you options including options to save you money.  For example, one of my other divorce clients wanted to file for adultery.  I explained to him that there was nothing for him to accomplish and that it could cost him about another $200 just to file it that way but that I would do whatever he wanted.  He realized that it didn’t make any sense to do that so he opted for the cheaper alternative.  That’s what I do with all of my clients.  If your attorney does not help you save money, chances are, you will be wasting a lot of it.

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  1. Keep up the good work. As a divorcing man your comments seem to be on point and I wish I had retained you as my lawyer for my divorce.

  2. My significant other has spent > $54,000.00 and 2 years on his Divorce and believe me it is far from over.If ‘her’ or her attorney dosen’t postpone Trial it seems like the judge does.This just keeps dragging on and on.Can you ever sue the courts for letting a Divorce drag on?

    • No. The fact that the case is going to trial tells me that something has probably gone wrong here. I don’t know his lawyer, but clearly, he/she is making a mint in the process. There is plenty that his attorney can do to speed up the process, but when you are making that kind of money, why would you? You have to realize that this is a game and in some cases, the clients are the only ones that are not “in” on it but behind closed doors, everyone else is.

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