Parenting Time Mediation in a New Jersey Divorce Case

Parenting Time Mediation in a New Jersey Divorce Case

Your first opportunity to avoid a lengthy custody battle in your divorce case is your parenting time mediation date. This will likely take place after the case management conference since that is when the court will order the parenting time mediation. The best part about this mediation is that is free and your lawyer is almost never present. Thus, it costs you nothing to attend. Furthermore, it is very successful. While it doesn’t help settle the custody and parenting time issues in every case, it does help to settle or at least narrow the issues in the vast majority of divorce cases. The key to the success of this program is that it employs very skilled mediators. However, both parents also need to go in there with an open mind.

If you are scheduled to attend parenting time mediation in your divorce case, speak to your divorce lawyer first to discuss what you should expect. Going in there with an open mind but realistic expectations can also help you successful settle your custody and parenting issues in the mediation. This is where your lawyer comes in. He or she needs to help you understand what you can hope to achieve and how to approach the mediation.

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