Hunterdon County Divorce Lawyers help client avoid paying pendente lite alimony

P.S. Hunterdon County Divorce Lawyers

In this case, the husband filed a pendente lite motion against our client, the wife in Hunterdon County Superior Court (Flemington).  In a rare case, he was seeking pendente lite alimony from her.  Our Hunterdon County Divorce Lawyers fought hard against the motion.  We argued that the husband, who is self employed, is capable of making more money and that he has a high number of “write offs” that reduce his income.  In addition, we argued that our client’s income fluctuates and that the status quo has been that the wife has not supported the family.  Finally, we argued that the status quo for 2 years has been that the each party has supported themselves without contribution from the other party.  As a result, the court’s order for unallocated support was the equivalent of child support which our client clearly owed.  Thus, our lawyers effectively defeated the husband’s motion for pendente lite spousal support.  This was a great victory that helped in the settlement negotiations.

If you need a team of tough, aggressive attorney for your case, call our Hunterdon County Divorce Lawyers today.

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