Monmouth County Divorce Attorney helps client win Pendente Lite Motion

P.M. Monmouth County Divorce Case

In this divorce case, the other side filed a pendente lite motion for counsel fees and spousal support.  When our Monmouth County Divorce Attorneys fight back against a pendente lite motion, we fight back hard!  With regard to the spousal support, we argued that the wife moved out voluntarily and that she had a roommate that helped to defray her cost.  The wife’s attorney had no answer to these allegations and as a result, the court held this against her.  The pendente lite support ordered was much less than what the other side was requesting.  In addition, the wife was seeking $5,000 in counsel fees.  Our lawyers also fought back hard against this and the court denied the entire claim.  The wife was not awarded any counsel fees at all.  All in all, a very successful motion.

If you need help with a pendente lite motion, call the team of tough, aggressive Monmouth County Divorce Attorneys today.  You can meet with our attorneys in our Freehold or Tinton Falls offices by appointment only.

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