The articles listed below is for reference only.  Nothing on this site should be used as legal advice.  I only practice in New Jersey so if you plan to get divorced outside of New Jersey, the articles under  “the Divorce Process” may not apply to you.  However, most of the other articles will not be specific to New Jersey so we hope you find them useful.

The Divorce Process

The Divorce Complaint

No Fault Divorce in New Jersey

Fault Divorce Causes of Action in New Jersey

The Answer to a New Jersey Divorce Complaint

The Case Information Statement

How long does it take to divorce in New Jersey?

Attorney Information

How divorce attorneys bill

The Cost of a New Jersey Divorce

Getting your spouse to pay for your lawyer

Does your attorney communicate with the other side?

Is your attorney looking out for you or his/her wallet?

Do you need a litigator or an agitator?

How to Save Money

Keep your emotions in check to keep legal fees down

Stay in touch with your divorce lawyer

Divide small property on your own

Does divorce mediation in New Jersey really save you money?

Look for an attorney that discusses ways to save money

Your attorney’s fancy office could cost you

Equitable Distribution

Equitable Distribution in New Jersey

How to deal with your house


Permanent alimony in New Jersey

Limited duration alimony in New Jersey

Reimbursement alimony in New Jersey

Rehabilitative alimony in New Jersey

Settlement Discussions

Break the log jam by pushing it to the side

Factor in the risks and costs of not settling your case

Common Concerns

Hiring a divorce lawyer does not mean that the case must be difficult and expensive

Your spouse cannot keep all of the money from you

Your spouse cannot leave you with all of the bills

Big Mistakes

Divorce advice from a non-lawyer is no advice at all

Taking divorce advice from your spouse may be a bad idea

Not all divorce attorneys can handle domestic violence accusations

An oral agreement is not worth the paper its printed on

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