Why Divorce Different?

Speak  to a few people that have been divorced and you’ll hear horror stories about how horrible the process was and how much they spent in legal fees.  Speak to enough attorneys and you’ll hear about how much they either hate doing divorce work or how they are so glad they don’t touch it.  I’ve realized that my approach to divorce cases seems to be different.  I settle many cases for less than what some attorneys take as an initial retainer.  The cases get done faster and my clients are happy.  I call this the “divorce different” approach.

The cornerstones of my philosophy are as follows:

1.  Long term relationships

I often think that some attorneys must be scared that the next divorce case will never come through the door so they feel the pressure to squeeze every dollar out of their current client’s pockets.  Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients.  If I can build trust, get a great result and do it for less money, then that client will refer business to me for decades to come.  That is how a state-wide law practice is built and that’s what I have been doing.

2.  Keeping costs down

Divorce does not need to be an expensive process where everyone walks away with nothing.  The articles on this blog are meant to educate our clients about how to divorce quicker, cheaper and smart (i.e. different).  Since we are not out to make a fortune off of you, we have no problem teaching you how to save money on legal fees!  I also don’t surprise you at the end of the case with a huge bill.  Throughout the case our clients are updated on how much of their retainer has been used up.  In addition, discussions of various options in each case includes a discussion of the financial aspect of each option.

3.  Good Communication

The number one complaint about attorneys other than cost has to be lack of communication.  I strive to return all calls in 24 hours during weekdays and I even return calls on weekends.  Want to meet with an attorney?  Just call me and schedule it.  You should never have a problem speaking to me.

4.  Quick Settlements

Almost every divorce cases ends in a settlement.  Thus, there is no reason to drag the case out.  We move our cases quickly and try to set up meetings with the  other side to discuss settlement as soon as possible.  The faster the case is settled, the less you usually pay and the faster you can move on with the rest of your life.

5.  Aggressiveness

It’s great to talk about settlement and luckily, most of our cases settle without too much difficulty.  However, the other side does not always play fair.  Even though I am focused on settlement, I am never afraid to aggressively fight for you when the need arises.  As a battle tested attorney, I have the litigation experience to get the job done.  In other words, I back down to no one. 

Are you ready to Divorce Different?

If you are looking for a firm that can represent you in any court in New Jersey and that will work to resolve your case without the typical expense and hassle that most people associate with a divorce case, then you might be ready to divorce different.  Click on the “schedule a consultation” link above or call 732-773-2768.

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